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Zeal Medical Equipments


 640 X 480 pixel color TFT

 Screen Size:

 10.4 inch diagonal

Protected against defib. & electro surgery potentials

 Standard Lead:

 I, II, III, AVL, AVR, AVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, 5,V6


 5, 7, 10,15, 20, 25mm/mV

 Gain Scales


 Sweep Speed

 12mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s

 Input Resis.

 > 5M Ohm

 Freq. Response

 0.05Hz-100Hz (3dB)

 C M R R


 Electrode Offset

 Maximum ±0.3V

 Potential Baseline Recovery

 <5s after 5KV defibrillation

 Heart Rate Range

 15 to 300bpm




 <100bpm ±1% = 100bpm ±2%


 Heart rate hi & low limits alarm delay<12s

 Lead Off Condition

 Detected and displayed

 Display Range:  0 to 100%
 Accuracy:  80-100%:±2digits; 7 0-69% Unspecified 0-80%:±3digits
 Alarm Delay:  SpO2 hi & lo limits alarm delay<7s
 Resolution:  1%
 Display Update:  <5s

 Measurement Range:  20 to 250bpm
 Resolution:  1bpm - Accuracy : ±1bpm
 Alarm Delay:  Pulse rate hi & lo limits alarm delay<7s

 Trans-thoracic impedance (RA-LL)
 0-100 rpm - Resolution : 1 rpm
 ±2 rpm (0-60rpm)
 Alarm Delay:
 Resp. rate hi & low limits alarm delay<7s

 Technique:  Resistance
 Channels:  One channel (2nd channel optional)
 Scales:  F. Or C.
 Range:  0-50. - Resolution : 0.1. - Accuracy ±0.1.
 Alarm Delay:  Body temperature hi & low limits alarm delay <7s

 Oscillometric method (with inflatable cuff)
 Patient Types:
 Adult, Pediatric and Neonate
 Cuff Inflation  Time
 3-15 seconds depending on cuff size.
 Cuff Inflation  Pressure
 Initially 180mmHg for Adult/Pediatric (100 or 70 mmHg for Neonate).  Subsequent inflation pressures determined by last measured systolic  pressure.
 Measurement  Modes:
 Manual Immediate upon operator command AUTO Determinations  automatically made with selectable intervals. STAT Determinations  continues in 5 minutes

 Measurement  Range:

Mean Arterial:


Mean Arterial:
 Pressure  Resolution:

Cuff Pressure Range:
  0to 275mmHg
Pressure Span Accuracy:
Mean Difference:

 Standard  Deviation:

 Determination  Time:
 Typically 25seconds. Varies with patient's PR,
 pulse pressure and amount of artifact present.

 Over Pressure  Valve:
 Automatically releases cuff pressure if inflation
 Pressure exceeds 280mmHg (Adult) /150mmHg (Neonate).

 Overtime  Protection:
 Stop determinates if the measurement time exceeds 120s (Adult)/90s.  (Neonate).

 Alarm Delay:
 Pressure hi & lo limits alarm delay<7s

Power Supply
100~240VAC,50/60Hz 1.6A max
Internal Battery
12V 7AH; Type- sealed lead-acid
Operating Time
2 hours typical at 25.,no printing, one NIBP
(fully charged battery)
measurement per 15 min.

Operating Temp: 5. to 45
Relative Humidity: 0 to 80%, non-condensing
Height Of Sea Level -500m ~ 4600m

The transport and storage environment should comply with the following conditions:

Storage Temperature: -20. to 70
Relative Humidity: 0 to 93%, non-condensing
Height Of Sea Level: -500m ~ 13100m

Thermal Printer
IBP Modules
SPO2 Sensors
NIBP Cuffes
2nd Temperature Channel / Probe
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