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sir one of my pt.9months old has recieved meseles vaccine at govt.centre yester day after 20 hrs he develop bulging fontana...
Category :   vaccine - Vaccines
Last Activity :  8/12/2015
Replies :   2
can we give phenargan, hydroxyzine in Less than 6months child for rashes or cold
Author :  pushpa latha
Category :   general pediatrics - General Pediatrics
Last Activity :  8/9/2015
Replies :   27
if an unimmunized for influenza 10 yrs old child take .5 ml influenza vaccine, will it give him full immunity from swine flu or he...
Category :   infectious diseases - Infectious diseases
Last Activity :  7/28/2015
Replies :   7
what is standard age to operate undescended testis
Author :  Arvind Gupta
Category :   AutoImmune Disorder - autoimmune
Last Activity :  7/28/2015
Replies :   10
In neontal sepsis up to how low plateletes we can wait for transfusion if there is no active bleeding_?
Author :  shaukat panjawani
Category :   Hematology - Hematological problems
Last Activity :  7/28/2015
Replies :   15

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