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Dr. Ira Shah
What is

cystic adenomatoid malformation


It is a birth defect of the lung characterized by cysts in the lung since birth leading to difficulty in breathing (respiratory distress) right from the first day of life.

What are the

signs and symptoms of cystic adenomatoid malformation


Most of the newborns present with respiratory distress at time of birth. A few may have indolent respiratory infections with chronic cough. Some children may have generalized body swelling, pneumonia or intestinal obstruction associated with it.

What is the

cause of cystic adenomatoid malformation


The abnormal development occurs in the baby when in the mother's womb. Adenomatoid (normal tissue but put together improperly) overgrowth of lung tissue leads to this situation. The reason for the abnormal development is still not known.

How is the

diagnosis of cystic adenomatoid malformation


An X-Ray Chest usually detects the malformation in majority of patients. CT or MRI of the chest may be required to exclude other conditions that may mimic cystic adenomatoid malformation. Chest X-Ray and CT may show large masses containing multiple, large thin walled cysts.

What is the

treatment for cystic adenomatoid malformation


Patients with severe respiratory distress may require artificial ventilation with ventilators to maintain oxygen supply to the body. Corrective surgery in form of removal of the malformed mass or the affected lung (lobectomy) may be required.

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Dr. Ira Shah
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