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Sunita Goel
Its incidence is about 1/4000. It was first described 1670. Surgical correction was started only in 1920s. The first survivors were reported in 1939. Extrapleural approach was reported in 1941.

- It occurs between the 21st and 34th days of fetal development.
- From the Ventral diverticulum of foregut, masses of endodermal cells divide foregut into

trachea and oesophagus

. It begins at carina and its imperfect division results in TOF.
- Explanation of Esophageal Atresia is less clear.
- Growth of trachea in caudal direction is so rapid that dorsal wall of oesophagus becomes incorporated into trachea.
- Other etiologies: "Vascular deficiency" Genetic basis.

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Sunita Goel
Lecturer in Anaesthesiology, BJ Wadia Children's hospital, Mumbai, India

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