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Bill gates has said Computers and internet have arrived in this era as tidal waves and if you don't learn to swim you will drown!

Computer is a electronic device which accepts stores and processes information and has a memory. Computers are known for their Speed, Accuracy, diligence, large data storage capacity and automation.

What's the deal with Webmail?
Webmail is basically an application accessed within a web browser in which one can utilize all the necessary tools needed for sending and receiving email. Most Webmail services allow users to create new mail, receive mail from others, file messages into folders, add attachments, and reply to messages. More advanced features include spell check, automatic virus scans, sender blocking, spam prevention, and quick reply functions.

Webmail is unique because you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world, at any time, simply by logging into your personalized Webmail account. Additionally, Webmail uses online storage, so your accumulation of mail doesn't start to take up disk space on your computer.

Types of computers like personal computers, mobile processors, servers, workstation, and supercomputers are available. Pediatricians can use desktops, laptops, LAN to improve the office practice and ultimate goal of paperless hospital.

Advantages of Computers in practice:
  • Record keeping, appointments
  • Immunization schedule
  • Prescriptions certificates
  • Telemedicine
  • Sharing of data
  • Accounting

PC for Personal uses: Presentations, hobbies, movies, music, address book , diary, reminders, web chatting with your friends, to create your own website.

Pediatric Software:



Less time no efforts
Well tested no bugs
May not fulfil all criteria
Time consuming
Many bugs
Good support required

In appearance, the login and Inbox interfaces are just as plain and simple as Google's search engine. The light colors are easy on the eyes and do not distract from the important content (your Inbox). What makes GMail really unique is that it uses an advanced search function which groups emails of the same conversation automatically and displays them on the same page. The search function also allows you to search through your emails instead of making endless numbers of folders. This, in my opinion, is a big plus.

Computers: Some myths - difficult to operate, costly, takes more time, typing is difficult

Some problems with computers AND REMEDY

Data loss back up
Viruses/worms/Trojens immunize
Becomes outdated Upgrade
Costly Recurring expenses
Carpel tunnel syndrome

Use mousepad

Neck pain Position monitor
UV radiation Use UV screen

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