Deepak*, Azeem**, Prabhakar Rao***, Balasubramanya****
Department of Pediatrics.*, Department of Pediatrics.**, Department of Pediatrics.***, Department of Pediatrics.****
In an interesting incident wherein a young police couple in an emotional spike of depression committed suicide by shooting themselves and their 18 month old baby. The young child survived after an elaborate Surgery and Intensive Care. The young couple however succumbed to the injuries.

The baby was brought to our hospital by relatives. A clear Entry wound of the Gunshot was seen in the Lt. hypochondriac region and the exit wound in the Lt. lumbar region.

Investigations revealed a Hemoperitoneum with Left Splenic injury and Left Kidney injury.

The child was taken up for emergency laparotomy conducted over 10 hrs. An additional Jejunal Perforation was also noted. The child tolerated the surgery well and Post-operative period was uneventful. The interest in this case lies in the fact that gunshot injuries in this age group are very rare and survival after such extensive visceral injury was another miracle.

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