Dr. R.K. Sinha*
Organizing Secretary XVIth Bihar State PEDICON 2005, Bhagalpur Member, Executive Board Central, IAP Member, National Polio Eradication Committee of IAP. *
Dear Fellow Pediatricians,

Welcome to the Silk city,

I feel privileged in inviting you to the XVIth Bihar State PEDICON 2005. As the founder secretary of the local branch of IAP, one feels gratified to see the state conference being held at Bhagalpur for the first time.

The capital of 'Anga' Bhagalpur mentioned as Champa in Atharva Veda and Malini in the Purans, has always been a famous pilgrimage & tourist destination. During Mahabharata period, the great warrior king "Karan" ruled it, whose ruins are still celebrated at Karnagarh and Manaskamna temple. Champa was not only a trade center for perfumers, spice sellers and weavers but was also the sacred place of Buddhist, Jain and Muslims. The birth and death place of Jain Tirthankar Basupujya, 'Champanagari' is a sacred pilgrimage of Jains in India & abroad. It is the birth place of emperor Ashoka's mother Subhadrangi. It was the seat of snake worshipper Bihula. Bhagalpur is also the land of Maulana Shabhaz one of the greatest Muslim divines of this subcontinent. Shah Suja of Mughal dynasty stayed here and founded Sujaganj, which is one of the shopping centers of the town today.

Bhagalpur has always enjoyed the reputation of being an important seat of learning since the 8th century when Dharmpala established Vikramshila University, which rose to the pinnacle of international repute by attracting students and professors not only from India, but also from China, Ceylon, Tibet and South-East Asia. Its pious land provided sustenance to the fertile literary minds of authors of "Devdas" - Sharat Chandra Chatopadhya & "Bhuansom" - Dr. Balai Chandra Mukharjee "Banphool" The latter incidentally was a doctor by profession. The films on both of them received international acclaim. This beautiful city was visited by great people like the famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang in the 7th century, Mughal Emperor Humayun, the general of Akbar the Great's Imperial forces Raja Mansingh, Swami Vivekanand, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and also by one of the greatest philosophers of recent times, the President of India. Dr. S.Radhakrishnan. To the north of the city flows the river Ganga. This stretch of the river has been declared as sanctuary for the riverine Dolphin that can be seen frolicking mid-stream.

Dear academicians, organizing conference of this magnitude is by no means an easy task for Bhagalpur IAP, which has not yet attained adolescence. We have had our moments of despair but ultimately the fair intention prevailed.

I have tried my best to make this academic adventure most practical one in order to resolve many of brain storming problems of our day-to-day practice often by dictating the clinically oriented topics to distinguished guest speakers who gladly obliged me.

Hope my efforts to make this conference not only academically interesting but enjoyable also, will be appreciated by you all.

Wishing to live up to your expectation.

Long live IAP.

Thank you.
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