Malaria 2007
Oral Presentations
Malaria Crisis Reduces Umbilical and Increases Foetal Cerebral Flow With Consequences On The Foetal Behaviour
Cerebral Malaria in Adults at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Fann Hospital in Dakar, Senegal
Effect of a Training Intervention on Malaria Case Management by PHC Workers In Sokoto North LGA of Sokoto State, Nigeria
Performance of Two New Tests: Optimal-IT® and ELISA-Malaria Antigen® for the Diagnosis of Simple Malaria at Cotonou
Concomitant Malaria and Bacteraemia Infections
The South African Malaria Initiative
Fetal and Abdominal Echography Tele-operated in Several Isolated Sites, from a Single Expert Center, Using a Robotic Arm and Telephone or Satellite Link
The Prevalence of Malaria, Associated Anaemia and the Use of Insecticde Treated Bed Nets Among Pregnant Women During High Transmission Season in Bungoma
Perspectives of Collaboration in the Field of Malaria Bioinformatics
Tools for Effective Program Management
Mepha: The Innovative Swiss Pharmaceutical Company
Genetic Susceptibility to Clinical Malaria: Evidence of Linkage on 5q31-q33 Locus in Senegal
Performance of a Rapid Antigen Test for the Detection of Congenital Malaria
Anti-malarial, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-sickling Activities of Selected Plants from Nigerian Ethnomedicine
Search for Antimalarial Drug Candidates Acting on Galactolipid Metabolism
Knowledge and Use of Insecticide Treated Bed Nets Among Pregnant Women in Ogun State, Nigeria
The Mid-term Review of "Roll Back Malaria" Initiative in a Health District of Benin in 2004
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