International Pediatric Update 2004, Mumbai
Free Papers
AW01 - The Thalassemic Child - Right to Quality of Life !
AW02 - Is Elective Caesarian Section Really Essential for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in the Era of Antiretroviral Therapy and Abstinence of Breast Feeding ?
AW07 - Insulin Resistance and ß Cell Function in Chronically Transfused Patients of Thalassemia
AW08 - Post Exposure HIV Prophylaxis: What do we Know?
AW09 - Awareness about HIV Prevention Amongst Health Care Workers
AW10 - Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Wilsons Disease : Ray of Hope with Chelation Therapy
AW11 - Prophylactic Efficacy of the 3 Weekly Benzathine Penicillin g Regimen in Patients of Rheumatic Fever
AW12 - Etiology and Clinical Profile Penicillin g Regimen in Patients of Rheumatic Fever
AW13 - A Perspective Study of Serious Adverse Events in Children Admitted to a Tertiary Referral Centre in Mumbai,India
FP01 - Myotonia Congenita,Becker's Type:Two Cases in a Family
FP02 - Trichobezoars : Unusual Cause of Abdominal Pain
FP03 - Hemorrhagic Pleural Effusion : Rare Presentation in Scurvy
FP04 - Disease Pattern of Children Attending School Clinic of a Tertiary Care Center
FP05 - Rheumatic Chorea and its Associations
FP06 - Anasarca : An unusual Presentation in Dermatomyositis
FP07 - Spinal Muscular Atrophy : Three Male Children Affected in a Family
FP08 - Penile Zip Injury - Our Experience
FP09 - Impact of Enforcing & Strenthening Attendance in Clinical Postings of Undergraduates in Pediatrics - A Key for Better Child Health Care Services
FP10 - Specificity of Modified Widal Test in Diagnosis of typhoid
FP11 - Response to Anti-Microbials in Typhoid
FP12 - Clinical Profile of Pancreatic Disorders in Children in North India
FP13 - Moyamoya Syndrome in a Child with Down Syndrome
FP14 - Recollections of Indian Children after Discharge from an Intensive Care Unit
FP15 - Central Venous Access : The Lifeline in Pediatric Critical Care Unit
FP16 - Clinico - Radiological Correlation of Intracranial Tuberculosis Critical Care Unit
FP17 - Fanconi Anemia : A Remainder
FP18 - Varying Presentations of Intracranial Tuberculomas
FP19 - Caroli's Syndrome
FP20 - Study of Clinicosocial Profile of Street Children
FP21 - Poisoning in Rural and Tribal Maharashtra in Pediatric Population
FP22 - CT Finding in Partial Seizures
FP23 - Indigenous CPAP - Our Experience
FP24 - Apnea in Newborn in our Setup
FP25 - Effect of General Anaesthesia on The Apgar Score
FP26 - Incidence of Birth Asphyxia by WHO Definition v/s Apgar Score
FP27 - Incidence of Polycythemia in High Risk Newborn
FP28 - Morbidity Patterns in Newborns Delivered to Mothers with High Risk Pregnancies
FP29 - Effect of Maternal Age and Parity on Birth Weight and Gestation
TFP30 - Congenital Malformations in Our Set-Up
FP31 - Neonatal Outcome in Antenatally Detected Oligo/Polyhydramnios
FP32 - Unexplained Jaundice - A Marker of Septicemia
FP33 - Weight Gain Pattern in Small for Gestational Age Babies
FP35 - A Case of Disseminated Atypical Mycobacterial Disease Due to? Partial Interferon Receptor Deficiency
FP39 - Clinically Directed Selective Screening for HIV Infection in Children Admitted to Hospital
FP40 - Crouzon Syndrome with Familial Intracranial Calcification
FP36 - A Case of Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia
FP37 - Effect of Planned Teaching of Parents in Care of Children with Congenital Heart Diseases
FP38 - Prediction of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in Term Neonates Using Hour Specific Bilirubin Value
FP41 - Non - Familial Retinoblastoma
FP42 - SIADH in Critically Ill Children
FP43 - Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy - A Rare Entity
FP44 - Swyer James Syndrome - A Case Report
FP45 - Reflex Epilepsy - A Case Series
FP46 - Study of Precocious Puberty in Children Treated with Medroxyprogesterone Acetate
FP47 - Laxman Rekha (Permethrin) Poisoning in Children - Cases and Review of Literature
FP48 - Misidentification of Dumb Cane as Sugar Cane and Poisoning in a Child
FP49 - Prognostic Value of Coma Scales in Altered Consciousness
FP50 - Cardiac Profile in Hypocalcemic Infants
FP51 - Skin Manifestations in Various Disorders in Childrens
FP52 - Immediate Outcomes of Neonates Born to Mothers with Systematic Medical Illness
FP53 - A Case of Abetalipoproteinemia in an Infant
FP54 - ARV Therapy for Children with HIV/AIDS; Experience with 3 by 5 WHO Program
FP55 - A Study of Urine Output in Acute Renal Failure
FP56 - Drug Resistance in Malaria - Controlled Observations from Mumbai City
FP57 - Utility of Ultrasonography in Children with Portal Hypertension
FP58 - Efficacy of Resomal and ORS in Malnourished Children with Acute Gastroenteritis
FP59 - Platelet Functional Disorders in Children - A 5 Year Study
FP60 - Can a Combination of RDW & MCV be a Good Substitute for S. Ferritin in the Diagnosis of Iron Deficiency Anemia ?
FP61 - West Syndrome due to Neonatal Hypoglycemic Seizure
FP62 - Constitutional Pancytopenia with Anomalous Kidneys
FP63 - HBV Associated Nephrotic Syndrome: Resolution with Oral Lamivudine
FP64 - Myositis with Tretinoin in a case of APML
FP65 - Neonatal Hepatitis due to Herpes Simplex Virus
FP66 - Anhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia - A Case Report
FP67 - Anticonvulsant Hypersensitivity Syndrome : Confirmation by a Laboratory Test
FP68 - Interrelationship between Intelligence and Curriculum Based Test Scores in Children with Learning Disabilities
FP69 - Outcome of Delee's Intrapartum Suctioning in Babies with Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid
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